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Application to approval process

One Application Per Adult Resident

Standard Application For Occupancy

  • Step 1

    • Review all 5 attached PDFs.
    • Ensure all 6 boxes below the PDFs are selected.
    • Upload a picture of a valid state issued photo ID.
    • Fill out “The Application” and click “Submit Application”.
    • Each prospective renter who has reached the age of 18 must fill out an application.
  • Step 2

    • An email will be sent from Lexington Management within 24-48 hours providing a link as well as an account number.
    • Click on the link, set up your account and pay the earnest money deposit and application fee.
    • You will be notified as soon as the application process is completed.
    • Most applications can be processed within 1-3 days.
    • No application will be processed until all applicable fees are paid.
  • Step 3

    • Lease paperwork for approved applications will be emailed within 3-4 business days. These documents are in elease format for your convenience.
    • Move in details will be scheduled with the onsite manager.
    • Thank you for choosing Lexington Management!

Step 1

Review the documents below, check each box as indicated to proceed to the application. As outlined in below Rental Process Form, please note that there is a $20 application fee per occupant over the age of 18 along with earnest money of $500. Please fill in the application completely, sign and submit to begin the process.

Rental Process (PDF)

Lease Agreement (PDF)

Nonstandard Rental Provisions (PDF)

Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Electronic Signature Agreement (PDF)

  • Your Personal Information

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  • Your Contact Information

  • Move in Details

    • (Including yourself)
    • (Including yourself)

    It appears that the total number of people that are over 18 and under 18 does not match the total number of occupants listed. Please verify that the numbers are correct.

Additional Information

  • Please do not enter information below about residents under the age of 18.
  • Each Applicant over the Age of 18 Must Complete Application Process.

  • Your Vehicle

  • Your Residence

  • Own home, resided with others, etc.
  • Your Current Landlord

  • Other Source of Income

  • Your Current Job Details

  • Emergency Contact

  • Lexington Management allows cats (max 2) at the following properties: Noblemen Crossing, Winding Ridge and Portside Estates. All other properties are pet free.

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